Mission Statement

Inspired by poetry, Mentally Raw is a unique purse emporium specializing in handmade bags while honoring single women, dog moms, and writers.

Mentally Raw is a cellar-door business for women of all backgrounds. The idea was conceived in October of 2016 in Norwich, Connecticut when the owner, Melissa Payne, began creating and selling her one of a kind purses to friends and colleagues. One by one, these interesting creations became a phenomenon, purse sales began to flourish and in February of 2017, Mentally Raw Purse Emporium launched online. The Mentally Raw brand is one-of-a-kind, created to embrace the paradox within you. Our street style bags, purses and clutches are an anomalous combination of both high-end fashion and urban culture. The foundation of Mentally Raw is eccentric; we’re uncut, uncensored, and unintentionally sexy.

Our mission is simple, we want to focus on honoring single women, dog mom’s, and writers in hopes of bringing their needs to the front line. While our bags are perfect matches to women of all backgrounds, we especially want to recognize those women who are often forgotten. Single women are disproportionately discluded from social events, monetary incentives, and are thought to be less important. To honor them, we create marketing campaigns to portray their lifestyles in positive images and encourage their endeavors with tangible incentives. Dog moms are equally important to Mentally Raw. Their job is undermined and discouraged by the masses. To honor them, we create and promote innovative bags and accessories that specifically cater to their importance to society. Writers and poets were the building blocks to creating Mentally Raw handbags. Their work immensely inspired our business goals and mission. To honor them, we promote the arts by providing a platform for artists of all ventures to sell and distribute their work.


Mentally Raw